While taking a walk through a local park with my oldest son, we observed the wildflowers along the path just bouncing in the wind.  We noticed that as we approached even closer that some of the wildflowers seemed to bounce even more more than the others… Bees!

Bee in wildflower

Busy bee in the Texas wildflowers (Firewheel)

Upon closer inspection we were able to see the bees meticulously  address each flower to harvest the nectar and or pollen for their honey. [Read more…]

When you don’t know that you can’t

Boys riding their bikes down hill

Just the second time out for the oldest; the youngest is an old hand at this and trying to out run his brother already!

My oldest son received a bike for Christmas and though he was grateful he really wasn’t sure what to make of it.  You see, he never really expressed much interest in riding a bicycle.  He has his “Razor” scooter and that seems to be fine by him.  His younger brother lobbied for a bike last year and Santa obliged.  Needless to say there was a bit of trepidation when the moment arrived for my oldest to take his bike out for a ride.  Now I have to preface this; he is not what I would call athletic by any means.  He is more the introvert who would rather spend time on the computer, playing with his many Lego sets or even lost in a book.  His younger brother is always the one on the go, wanting to go to the park or outside or even for a walk.  So on Christmas day we ventured outside to give the new bike a test ride.  The seat was lowered all the way down so he could easily put his feet down in the event he panicked and I spend time walking along with him as he tried to get the concept of pedaling.  Meanwhile his little brother spent time between riding his new “Razor” scooter and riding his bike (which still has training wheels).  The afternoon riding session was good and ended at an impasse; neither rider nor bike were the worse for wear. [Read more…]

Carry On

A one legged grasshopper sitting on my shoe.

Hoppy hoppy grasshopper – hoppy hoppy grasshopper. (Admit it… your smiling if you remember where that’s from!)

On a recent trip to my Grandparents farm I came across a large number of grasshoppers.  Trying to get my sons to observe them a little closer, I walked through the tall grass and near some of the flower beds where the grasshoppers were hiding from the mid-day sun.  As I walked through the grass a number of grasshoppers would hop and fly up in front of me; dodging here and there.  In one instance I was able to stop a few of them in mid-flight with my hand; the grasshopper flew into my hand and landed right in front of me.  As my sons followed me, I stood still to let a fresh wave of grasshoppers move by me.  A few flew right by me and a few more actually flew right into me.  One actually landed on my shoe.  Since the stampede of grasshoppers had ebbed, my boys were now near me and looking closely at the ground to see what grasshoppers they could see.  I took my camera and set it to super macro so that I could get a close-up of the little bug that landed on my foot.  I held still and snapped a few shots with my free hand.  Since the little guy was being cooperative, I tried to get a little different angle and crouched down to shoot some more.  It was when I checked my camera between shots, wanting to make sure that I had the proper exposure, that I noticed that the little fella only had one leg.  I had watched at least 20 grasshoppers move along in front of me just a minute ago – it wasn’t until I stopped to check the pictures on my camera that I noticed that the one perched on my shoe had one leg. I called my boys over to get a closer look.  The oldest declined since he was looking for a big one and my youngest would only come so close (apparently the grasshoppers were flying at just about face high for him and he was afraid of getting ambushed).  After a few more shots I stood up and the grasshopper went along with the other grasshoppers.  Watching it disappear into the flower bed I would have never known it only had one leg.  The little guy just carried on and kept up with the other grasshoppers.  Life will always carry on.  Looking at that picture I am reminded of the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On.” It reminds me to look at the daily obstacles that I encounter or the setbacks that occur and know that life will always carry on.

What do you see

Sky line at midnight.

As I watched 2010 slip over the horizon I set up my camera and took this shot.  It’s a 15 second exposure that was pointed at the tree line with a bank of clouds on the horizon.  Looking at the picture a few days later I stated to ask myself what this picture really was.  Was it the old year quietly slipping away to reveal the endless starry sky? Was 2010 retreating into history cataloging those precious moments and happy memories that were born of this year while also ushering out the failures, troubles and worries that had accompanied it on this journey?  Or was it something different?  Do the clouds on the horizon presenting the first glimpse of the storms to come? What do you see?

I’m guessing that the pessimist would look at this picture and see storms on the horizon; the optimist would see the clearing starlit sky.  What do you see?  Do you see a new year full of potential, ripe with opportunity for success or do you see the clouds rolling in and want to take shelter from the turbulent times on the horizon.  What do you see?

When I look at this picture I see opportunity; another chance for success and meaningful change.  Clouds on the horizon are nothing more than the inevitable change that we are all presented with. Those clouds will eventually leave like the darkness of night fleeing the arrival of dawn.  It truly is all about your perspective.  Take another look at the picture.  What do you see?

New Year On the Horizon